Servers Status Page

From this page, you can verify the Status of every front-end Server.
For security reasons, you can't see or test our back-end servers.

Everything is okay Refreshed today at 12:19pm (Eu/Rome)

We are migrating our system that manages the entire "mh ecosystem" to a new data center.
The continuity of our customers' projects is our priority.


Back-end working

ID Status
Europe 10 ServerOffline
Europe 12 ServerOffline
SA1 ServerOffline
WebHosting Server ManagerOnline
AL ServerOnline
MM ServerOnline
UP ServerOffline
KS ServerOffline
AP ServerOffline
Other ServicesOnline

Public Databases

Back-end working

ID Status
Public DBOnline

Emergency Load Balancers


ID Status
LB1EU ServerOffline
LB2EU ServerOffline
v. 2.0.1